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​Summer updates for 2019
Well, don't know about you guys but I'm "chomping at the bit" to get home.  This cold is for the birds!  Even Hank and Izzy are stir crazy in this tiny condo we purchased!  Have to say they have, at the least, gotten used to poo on a rope; we have not gotten used to 5 am bundling up and walking around in the dark.  UGH!

We are hoping to install laminate flooring in the main area of the June Bug to eliminate the carpet and tile but if time runs out before Tom can complete, we'll address it in the fall.  Also on the update schedule is new fridge with ice maker (hurray for my cocktail friends)! 

The beach is holding up pretty well considering several hurricanes and tropical storms so quickly after work was completed.  The installed sand fencing from pier to MP 4 has really gathered the sand right in front.  Before we left, Tom planted sea oats along the dune line and roped off so that there will be one path to the ocean for each house.  Please help us save the oats when you're here.   I hope they are flourishing and take hold in the spring. 

Didn't get to update pictures before we left.  You'll be pleased, I'm sure when you get here!