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2019 RATES
Ocean Front views and convenience are the number one reason you want to vacation in the Webbtide.  The history of this little "fishing shack" makes a truly delightful story.  Although far from the newer versions of OBX rentals, it does offer fun, whimsical and the real cottage feel from the 60's. It has always been the family favorite.  The growth chart will speak volumes as we have marked the summers of the family!  The only shower is under the house, but spacious and new with privacy guaranteed.  There is a charming little claw tub in the main bath if tubs are your thing.
View from ocean
​after beach nourishment!

May 4-June 9                                        $  900
June 9-June14                                      $/day
June 14-July13                                      $1,500
July 13-Aug 17                                      $1,500
Aug 17-Sept 7                                       $1,225
Sep 7-Sep 14                                        $1,000
Sep 14-CLOSE                                     $   900

Webbtide Updates

Since we've had more friends vacation with us in the Webbtide, we really needed to up our game a little.  Space is the issue but hoping with some re arranging of furniture it can still be fun.  The range/oven has been replaced, blinds and curtains addressed and added second bunk to breezeway.  Plans also include possible flooring in bathrooms and breezeway.  We have converted the claw tub to include an old fashioned shower ring! Added last fall is another wi-fi router so internet should be better (or as good as it gets in OBX).  I'm still hoping to get a second coat of paint on walls - haha any takers for spring??
Didn't get to post pictures of changes.  Will do this spring when we return!